Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cleaners From Venus - Midnight Cleaners (1982)

Its incredible to think that such musical genius can go unnoticed. The Cleaners From Venus were the main incarnation of Martin Newell, Who wrote and sang and recorded and probably played everything in these songs. The precursor to DIY musical genius contemporaries like Ariel Pink; Martin Newell wrote beautifully composed pop songs recorded on a home tape recorder in the mid and late eighty's, and has continued to write songs since. Interestingly Newells contemporaries now mimic the "low-fi" home tape sound as an aesthetic choice rather than a necessity of home recording. Well regardless of how it sounds the songs are fantastic, and I will be posting more Cleaners From Venus Stuff very soon, I would have posted more but i have to re-record some of the records on to my computer. Download the album here:Track 1Track 2 and go to my friends blog Biannual Haircut and download two amazing and rare Cleaners From Venus albums. Sorry for the way the file is broken up, (Track 1 is all of Side 1, Track two is all of side two)

Track list:
Pop Side (A)

1. This Rainy Day
2. Time In Vain
3. Only A Shadow
4. Corridor Of Dreams
5. Wivenhoe Bells II

Art Side (B)
6. Midnight Cleaners
7. Factory Boy
8. A Wretched Street
9. Don't You Worry About The Ads


Bill said...

One of my all time favorite artists; very glad to see you posting these criminally ignored records. Rumor has it that we should soon see a compilation of the early Cleaners DIY tape period. Go to www.martinnewell.co.uk

Darren said...

Brilliant band. Martin Newell will get discovered one day!

d said...

know where I could get on any normal monday? thank you!!