Monday, September 15, 2008

Postcard Records - The SIngles

Inspired by an amazing blog i just found called Castles In Space and that fact that I just got my first ever Postcard single (Orange Juice - Blue Boy / Lovesick), and I have not had the time to post anything new or think of anything interesting for a while. I though I would steal these links and direct you wonderfull readers to something rad. And hopefully in the process get me in the habit of updating this thing more than once a month.

Alright - the Postcard Singles Discography!

Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing
February 1980
Falling And Laughing / Moscow / Moscow Olympics
7" Postcard 80-1

Orange Juice - Blue Boy
August 1980
Blue Boy / Lovesick
7" Postcard 80-2

Josef K - Radio Drill Time
September 1980
Radio Drill Time / Crazy To Exist
7" Postcard 80-3

The Go-Betweens - I Need Two Heads

November 1980
I Need Two Heads / People Say
7" Postacard 80-4

Josef K - It's kinda Funny

December 1980
It's Kinda Funny / Final Request
7" Postcard 80-5

Orange Juice - Simply Thrilled Honey

December 1980
Simply Thrilled Honey / Breakfast Time
7" Postcard 80-6

Orange juice - Poor Old Soul

March 1981
Poor Old Soul / Poor old Soul Pt.2
7" Postcard 81-2

Aztec Camera - Just Like Gold

April 1981
Just like Gold / We Could Send Letters
7" Postcard 81-3

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing

Sorry For Laughing / Revelation
Postcard 81-4

Josef K - Chance Meeting

May 1981
Chance Meeting / Romance
Postcard 81-5

Orange Juice - Wan Light / You Old Eccentric
7" Postcard 81-6 - I could not find any info on this or anything, then i came across this that said it Unreleased. So I just posted a cute picture of Edwin Collins. If you have any info on this single let me know.

Aztec Camera - Mattress Of Wire

August 1981
Mattress Of Wire / Lost Outside The Tunnel
Postcard 81-8