Friday, May 30, 2008

Pink Elephant

Here is the pink elephant I made Lisa for her going away/Birthday party.

surprisingly, It only took me a few nights to compleat. i used felt and an old pillow case. The pictures are taken on my desk at my new job. Sorry for the product placement...


I was browsing through my craft blogs and a stumbled across Cutesypoo! I am in love with all of her designs but especially this!

I love these egg tart plush. They remind me of my friend who lives in morocco - every time she comes into town we have to go to China Town and pick up some egg tarts. I really want one but i don't think they're for sale anymore. Oh, well maybe i'll steal the design and make one for myself. ^-^

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girls - First Release / First Video

Here is the first video from the the San Francisco band that's really moving forward called Girls. The video is for the song "Morning Light" and is one of my favorites. Go to their Myspace here and pre-order their first 7" single with "Morning Light" and "Lust For Life" Here

Girls - "Lust For Life"

First Post

Ok, I'm finally gunna start blogging about the music i like and the things i make. Hopefully I will make some new friends out of it, we'll see what happens...